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Jump Sports Academies Football Portfolio
Jump Sports Academies Football Portfolio

Coaching Staff

Our passionate and highly qualified coaches develop well-rounded athletes of all ages and skill levels.  Students within our football program are taught how to challenge and overcome physical and mental limiting beliefs.  Be it on the pitch, in the classroom or at home with family and friends, JSA students are empowered with a fresh perspective of infinite possibilities.

In our effort to add value to your experience, the following service is included in your child’s term fee*:

STAY- Live virtual Sports academy

Each student will receive access to our Live virtual Sports classes included in the term fee .*

*All term fees to be paid in full
How many classes per week are required?2017-06-11T11:40:31+04:00

Recreational beginners participating in the 1 hour class = One class per week minimum

Squad members participating in th 1.5 hour class = Two classes per week minimum

How long is the practice?2017-06-11T11:37:27+04:00

1 hour for recreational beginner.

1.5 hours for squad practices.

Do I get a refund if I miss a class?2017-06-06T09:01:27+04:00

No refunds are given for missed classes!

How do I make up a class?2017-06-06T10:18:55+04:00

In order to be eligible for a makeup session we require you to notify us of your absence prior to the class, along with your preferred makeup timing. All make up classes are subject to availability, and all classes have to be made up within the same term. All classes not made up within the same term will be lost.

To make up a class send an email to your specific sports department,,, and and leave the following information;

1. Child’s name

2. Child’s age

3. Day(s) and time(s) that you normally attend

4. The day(s) you will be missing

5. The day(s) you prefer to make up the class

We will email you back and confirm your request right away.

Are there any special events throughout the year?2017-06-06T10:31:05+04:00