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Jump Sports Academies Gymnastics
Jump Sports Academies Gymnastics
Jump Sports Academies Gymnastics

Our Head Gymnastics Coach

JSA Gymnastics (formerly Abu Dhabi Gymnastics Club) started in 2009 by Director of Gymnastics Operations and Head Coach Gabi Ostojic (Vasile). Formerly an elite gymnast from Romania, Gabi has brought her very successful competitive gymnastics experience and coaching expertise of 11 years to the JSA Gymnastics Academy.

Quick Facts

Along with 9 assistant coaches Gabi has created the best and most sought after gymnastics program in Abu Dhabi. With over 700 students and growing, JSA Gymnastics is determined to offer the highest quality training alongside the JSA core values of teaching student athletes qualities that will propel them to their highest potential.

In our effort to add value to your experience, the following services and products are included in your child’s term fee*:


Each student will receive a team practice uniform consisting of leotard + shorts for girls & leotard for boys.*

*All term fees to be paid in full
* Students registering halfway through a term will be required to pay a 100 Dhs deposit.  This deposit will be returned after registering for the upcoming term.
Do I get a refund if I miss a class?2017-06-06T09:01:27+04:00

No refunds are given for missed classes!

How do I make up a class?2017-06-06T10:18:55+04:00

In order to be eligible for a makeup session we require you to notify us of your absence prior to the class, along with your preferred makeup timing. All make up classes are subject to availability, and all classes have to be made up within the same term. All classes not made up within the same term will be lost.

To make up a class send an email to your specific sports department,,, and and leave the following information;

1. Child’s name

2. Child’s age

3. Day(s) and time(s) that you normally attend

4. The day(s) you will be missing

5. The day(s) you prefer to make up the class

We will email you back and confirm your request right away.

How much do uniforms cost?2017-06-06T08:58:11+04:00

Students in our Gymnastics, Football and Basketball program is entitled one uniform per calendar year* T&C apply.

Additional uniforms can be purchased at 200-250dhs depending on uniform type.

*= Term fee to be paid in full. Students not registered at the beginning of the term are required to give 100 dhs deposit which will be credited back the following term.

Are uniforms mandatory?2017-06-11T11:35:12+04:00

Yes. To embrace our core beliefs about team play, all students should present themselves as part of our team.

Do beginners practice with advanced players?2017-06-04T05:11:19+04:00

No, all groups are separated by skill level.

My child is a beginner. Can he/she participate in the academy?2017-06-04T05:10:58+04:00

Yes, beginners are very welcome to attend.

Do boys and girls practice together?2017-06-04T05:10:40+04:00

Yes and No. Boys and girls attend the same class but are separated in different groups, when numbers allow.

Are there any special events throughout the year?2017-06-06T10:31:05+04:00

Yes. We have a number of different competitions, tournaments, friendly games and events throughout the year for all our sports. Some in house, some against other clubs. Details are communicated prior to each event to eligible students.

How long is a practice?2017-06-11T11:25:51+04:00

1 hour – 2.5 hours (depends on skill level)

How many days a week do students practice?2017-06-04T05:09:37+04:00

1-6 days per week (it’s up to each student)

What is the youngest age my child can start participating in the gymnastics academy?2017-06-11T11:24:41+04:00

Tots Gymnastics is available for ages 18 months – 3 years.

Our big Gymnastics program starts from 3 years old (depending on athletic/personal development)