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Shams Gymnastics Restaurant Partner MATSU Portfolio

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Shams Gymnastics Restaurant Partner MATSU Portfolio

MATSU Restaurant is derived from the Japanese owner’s family name MATSUTANI.

MATSU or “Pine Tree” in English is an evergreen conifer. A valuable timber and also grown ornamentally in Japan. In local folklore, it is believed to be the secret of perennial youth and long life.

Since arriving in the UAE in 1994, Matsutani san could not find an authentic Japanese restaurant that provides real Japanese taste, atmosphere and service.  Most restaurants that were present are infused with different Asian or western cuisine. Japanese people travelling around the world cannot live without the taste of their own food.

Matsutani san comes from a family who loves to cook. On an amateur level, family members often compete in the kitchen and each one has its own speciality. The wife’s family is an expert in making authentic soba, and her brother is a Chef.

Matsutani san was inspired to convey to the UAE what is real and authentic Japanese fine dining. As a result, he decided to raise the bar in in Abu Dhabi and hence Matsu was born.

MATSU signature focuses on fine Japanese dining and is the best place for authentic sushi. Providing an authentic Japanese cuisine and service in an exceptional atmosphere capturing the real spirit of Japanese dining culture with an elegant appeal. Located in YAS Links Abu Dhabi.

Matsu is divided into a Main dining area, a cozy sushi counter, a tempura live station, private dining room for VIP’s, outdoor dining and a bar area where one can spend time for a nice aperitif, an after dining recap of excellent digestives or just simply hang out and enjoy great views, atmosphere and nice people with a glass of wine or beer or one of our signature cocktails and mocktails.

Service Style
From the moment you enter Matsu you will be greeted with “IRASSHAIMASE”. The service will resemble the MATSU culture which is Positive, Friendly, Welcoming, Spontaneous, Knowledgeable, Attentive and Consistent fine dining service.

Food and Beverage Variety
MATSU believes that Japanese food is an art in itself. Our food menu offerings are bold and flavourful entrees with an authentic appeal. The diverse menu items reflect the real taste of Japan. Matsu menu always includes the freshest and best ingredients using specified and top quality ingredients, mandating the presentation and ensuring strict quality control are essential components of the MATSU product.

MATSU beverage menu proudly showcase our variety of sake, a great selection of wines that are perfectly paired with Japanese cuisine, choices of beers, and our irresistible signature Cocktails and Mocktails.

Interior Design
The cozy interior design uses a lot of wood that matches the lighting and outdoor views. It reflects to an ambience that will provide our guests the impression of being inside a Japanese household which is crucial to someone in search of authentic Japanese dining experience.