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Jump Sports Academies Parkour
Jump Sports Academies Parkour

Parkour is a fast-growing discipline that is still at grass roots in the UAE. With the correct instruction from quality coaches, the Parkour academy at JSA will teach all students how to train safely, have fun and get fit at the same time. Parkour is also currently being recognized in the fitness industry as a great way to get in shape as it is the ultimate functional fitness.

Quick Facts

Jump Sports Academies, in partnership with Parkour DXB, offers an engaging approach to movement training that encourages a strong body and a focused mind.

Our classes are designed to suit all skill levels, ages and goals. With Parkour fundamentals as the foundation, our academy is designed to make you stronger, more functional, capable and confident both in the gym and in life.

Our Team

Parkour DXB represents the best of Parkour origins, and the modern day fitness evolution. Highly experienced and professional, the team includes a collective of remarkably talented athletes and qualified coaches.

Always prioritizing quality and safety, Parkour DXB is here to ensure the Parkour community in the UAE grows strong and healthy!
Do I get a refund if I miss a class?2017-06-06T09:01:27+04:00

No refunds are given for missed classes!

What should I wear/bring?2017-06-04T05:17:15+04:00

Wear loose-fitting sports clothing you can move in easily and bring a bottle of water too!

What ages are allowed to participate in the classes?2017-06-11T11:42:47+04:00

We have classes for students ages 5 years – 17 years.

Are beginners welcome?2017-06-04T05:16:36+04:00

Of course! We teach all abilities.

Do you teach flips?2017-06-04T05:16:16+04:00

No. You will need to go to JSA’s gymnastics classes to learn flips. They will teach the correct technique and form much better than a Parkour coach can!

How is it taught indoors?2017-06-04T05:15:54+04:00

We use gymnastic equipment to teach vaults, jumps and other techniques in a safe environment.

Is it dangerous?2017-06-04T05:15:13+04:00

The media image of Parkour often shows risky stunts and daring leaps, but these are performed by professionals who have trained for years. Parkour is about mastering small challenges (landing jumps correctly or learning new vaults for example) before moving onto a harder version of that challenge. This is the method that professionals started with and still use themselves. Injuries in classes are actually very rare.

What is Parkour?2017-06-04T05:14:51+04:00

Parkour is a movement discipline derived from military obstacle training. Created in France, it has spread worldwide to become a melting pot of various movement skills and techniques. Parkour participants are called ‘Traceurs’ (male) and ‘Traceuses’ (female). It is non-competitive and can also be known as ‘Freerunning’ or ‘L’art du Deplacement’ (ADD).

How do I make up a class?2017-06-06T10:18:55+04:00

In order to be eligible for a makeup session we require you to notify us of your absence prior to the class, along with your preferred makeup timing. All make up classes are subject to availability, and all classes have to be made up within the same term. All classes not made up within the same term will be lost.

To make up a class send an email to your specific sports department,,, and and leave the following information;

1. Child’s name

2. Child’s age

3. Day(s) and time(s) that you normally attend

4. The day(s) you will be missing

5. The day(s) you prefer to make up the class

We will email you back and confirm your request right away.